Moving scams are on the rise and avoiding them should be a top priority when hiring professional movers. Get caught up and you could end up stressed and maybe even without your precious cargo. The good thing is that with the right guidance, a moving scam can be quite easy to spot. Before handing over your money, look out for these 5 red flags when hiring a professional moving company.

They’re not properly licensed and insured.

The last thing you want to do is hire a moving company that isn’t properly licensed or insured. If you’re hiring movers for an interstate move, they should be licensed with the United States Department of Transportation. Ask for their U.S. DOT number to look them up in the FMCSA’s system. Local moving companies who move customers within the same state won’t be regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation; they will be regulated by the state. If you are hiring local movers, check to make sure they are properly licensed with your state.

If a moving company isn’t insured, this is typically a huge moving scam red flag. Professional moving companies should be insured in order to protect themselves from potential lawsuits, as well as pay customers back for any damaged goods. If their business lacks insurance, then you can bet the mover won’t be able to cover any losses on items.

The estimate is too good to be true.

If the moving company gives you a too good to be true estimate before seeing your belongings, then it’s probably just that: too good to be true…MOVING SCAM! While they may give you a lowball estimate at the beginning, they’ll only hike your costs up by the end of the move. Always inquire about their estimate methods; in-person inspections or video surveys are often used to help build an accurate quote.

They are downright unprofessional

If you can’t find a a business address, website, business cards, business email or even a professional moving truck, they probably either lack a business license or are unprofessional…sounds like a moving scam to us. Rude behavior, a lack of social proof, an overwhelming amount of negative reviews, and unmarked moving trucks are some examples of things to watch out for.

They don’t provide you with a bill of lading.

If a moving company doesn’t provide you with a bill of lading, do not hire them! The bill of lading is the official contract between you and the mover that all movers are required by law to give a customer before services are rendered. You should always be provided with a copy of the bill of lading before the move.

They demand to be paid up front.

If the moving company demands a full payment up-front, consider this as a red flag. Movers should be paid in full after the goods have been delivered. Otherwise, what would stop them from taking your money and running?

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