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As Columbus Movers, ​GR8LABOR offers a range of local moving services. We accommodate every household’s relocation needs. We can take care of all your relocation needs or just a few tasks. Let us know what you need, and we’ll cater to you! Our services include full-service moving, packing, loading/ unloading, transporting, and furniture assembly/ disassembly.
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Our team at GR8LABOR Movers takes pride in going the extra mile when you trust us to relocate you, serving the Columbus, Ohio area. You are looking for professional movers who care about your property and your needs. Our expert team provides relocation expertise for both residential and commercial jobs in Columbus and surrounding areas. Trust GR8LABOR with your move!

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We understand how important your furniture is to you and ensuring that it makes it from your current location to your new one fully intact can often be a point of stress when undertaking a move. We have the knowledge and experience required to carefully disassemble your furniture for your move and to reassemble it exactly as it was when we arrive at your new location.

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Packing up and moving can be stressful. Even the most organized individuals to overlook essential items in the hustle of getting settled. Stay on track and avoid mishaps when switching homes, we’ve created a list of frequently forgotten items during relocation, as advised by local movers in the Columbus area.

Medications and Prescriptions

When moving, one of the most often overlooked items people forget to pack is their medications and prescriptions. Store your medications in a separate bag or container that is accessible and with you at all times. Plan by packing those essential items early so they will stay caught up!

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Important Documents

Necessary documents, such as birth certificates, passports, and social security cards, are often overlooked when relocating. These items are invaluable, so losing them can be challenging to recover. Store these documents securely but in an accessible place.

Use a file folder or safety box, for easy access during your move. As Columbus Movers, we stress that you keep up with those important documents for both residential or commercial moves.

Chargers and Cords

In the digital age, it’s too easy to forget to bring a charger or cord when you’re on the go. To make sure this never happens again, take the time to gather your chargers and cables together in one place before packing them securely into their bag or compartment. Make sure you label the container for an extra level of organization that way, if there’s ever a need, you’ll know right where they are!

Cleaning Supplies

During a move, it is easy to miss the need for necessary cleaning items such as mops and brooms. Make sure your residence looks spotless before you leave by setting aside some time now to pack all essential supplies into one well-labeled box. Additionally, remember that having adequate cleaning solutions are just as important!

Kitchen Items

Pay attention to the small yet necessary kitchen items when relocating! Spatulas, can openers, and measuring cups are regularly forgotten while moving. To ensure that these essential utensils arrive at your new home safely please pack them in a separate box and label them clearly for easy identification.

Local Moving Packing Guidance

To guarantee that you don’t forget any of your necessary belongings on moving day, here are some helpful pointers from experienced Columbus movers:

  • Make a List

Before packing for your short or long distance moving trip, make a comprehensive list of essential items to bring? Doing so will help keep your luggage organized and guarantee that nothing vital is left behind!

  • Pack Important Items Separately

Please ensure that essential items such as medications, documents, and chargers are always with you throughout the move by packing them in a special pouch or box. These particular belongings readily available will provide extra peace of mind during this process.

  • Pack a First-Day Box

Don’t let the hassle of unpacking overwhelm you! To ensure your move-in is stress-free, prepare a first-day box filled with all the must-haves: toiletries, clothing, and bedding. By doing this in advance, everything is readily available to you from day one without having to rifle through unopened boxes.


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Reduce stress with the help of GR8LABOR LLC’s experienced Columbus movers. Our customer service is backed by our knowledge. We specialize in packing and moving, they offer helpful tips to ensure you don’t forget anything special. Rely on these professionals to handle all the details for an easy transition into your new home!

Professional Columbus movers like GR8LABOR LLC, with extensive experience dealing with relocations, will guarantee that everything goes smoothly. With these helpful tips, you can rest assured that your moving experience will go off without any issues or unexpected problems! For moving services, we offer free moving quotes!



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