Searching for something special to do with the family? Visit the Columbus Art Museum! It’s a one-stop shop for art lovers of all kinds. From ancient works to cutting-edge contemporary masterpieces, the museum has it all. Stimulate minds and inspire imaginations with a fun, educational outing at the Columbus Art Museum. Also if you need moving assistance we can help you relocate click here to view our booking options.

1. Exploring the Exhibits: Must-See Artworks at the Columbus Art Museum

For those residing in Columbus, Ohio, and in search of an engaging activity, the Columbus Art Museum presents itself as a splendid option. This museum showcases a stunning compilation of artworks from various countries around the globe, catering to the preferences of both classical and contemporary art enthusiasts. When paying a visit, be sure not to miss these highlights:

“The Timeless Beauty and Elegance of The Rodin Sculpture Collection at Columbus Art Museum”

The Rodin Sculpture Collection at the Columbus Museum of Art is a must-see.

These sculptures are absolutely stunning, and it’s the perfect way to experience the genius of Rodin firsthand. Plus, the museum has lots of other awesome collections and exhibits that you won’t want to miss. If you’re curious to learn more about the museum and its history, then this is the place for you! Spend an afternoon here – you won’t regret it!

The Egyptian Collection

The Egyptian Collection is an awesome place to be. When you visit, you can really get a feel for the culture and history of the ancient Egyptians. Plus, it’s a great way to learn about the history and culture of the country. I mean, it’s just an amazing place to be. You can really get a feel for the culture and history of the ancient Egyptians and gain a better understanding of the history and culture of the country. It’s a great place to explore and learn!

The Hands-On Art for Kids Area

The Hands-On Art for Kids Area is a rad spot for kids to let their inner artist out! There’s always something new going on with the rotating exhibits, so it’s a great place to explore and get creative. Get the family together and make something awesome! It’s such a fun way to bond with the kids and explore the museum’s exhibits.

Events and Exhibitions

Hey everyone, the Columbus Museum of Art is an awesome place to check out! Not only do they have some pretty cool exhibits and events, but they’ve also got an awesome team that work together to create some amazing experiences for all the visitors. And guess what? They’re looking for new people to join the team! There are a bunch of different positions up for grabs, so whatever your interests and experience, they’ve got something for ya. Keep an eye on the website for upcoming exhibitions and activities – they’re always hosting some pretty cool stuff!

2. Family Fun Activities: Interactive Programs for Kids and Adults

Family trip to the Columbus Museum of Art sparks artistic endeavors at home.

Looking for something to keep the whole fam busy? Search no further! We’ve compiled a list of activities that will keep both kids and adults entertained. From board games and puzzles to virtual reality and online scavenger hunts, there’s something for everyone. Whether you want to learn something new or just have some fun and bond, these activities will give you hours of entertainment. So, round up the fam and get ready for a night of family fun!

Free family-friendly activities at the Columbus Museum of Art

Moreover, if you’re looking for something to do with your family that’ll be both fun and educational, the Columbus Museum of Art has you covered! They’ve got loads of free activities for the rest of the year, like guided tours and art projects, plus family-friendly films to watch. So why not get the whole fam together and check it out?

Interactive programs for kids and adults

If you’re looking for something fun to do, check out the Columbus Museum of Art! They’ve got a great selection of activities and exhibits that’ll keep everyone entertained. Plus, they have family programs that let you and the kids explore the museum together. Sounds like a great way to spend the day!

Special events and exhibitions

Family outing to the museum. In the prehistoric era, a family poses with an elderly elephant.

Family having fun looking at art.

Classes for artists of all ages

Are you searching for a job that’ll help you grow and reach the next level in your career? Look no further than the Columbus Museum of Art! Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to take your career to the next level, CMA is the perfect place to do it. With this in mind, you will not only have the opportunity to work alongside an amazing team, but also to develop yourself as a person. Therefore, if you’re looking for a job that helps you become the best version of yourself, check out CMA’s current job openings and see how you could become a part of the team!

3. Behind the Scenes: Touring the Conservation and Restoration Studio

Man, I recently got to peek behind the scenes at a conservation and restoration studio! It was so cool – and I was lucky enough to get a tour in my hometown. Seriously, it was such an eye-opening experience. I mean, it’s one thing to hear about it, but it’s something else entirely to actually see it in action!

“The Studio: A Unique and Separate Artistic Space at Columbus Art Museum”

I visited the Columbus Museum of Art on a rainy day and had a great time exploring. The conservation and restoration studio was the highlight for me – it was incredible to see the staff at work, cleaning and preserving artwork. I learned a lot about how they keep the art safe and long-lasting. I’ll definitely be going back to the studio!

The department has a full team of experts, including a painter, a mold maker, a woodworker

Upon arrival of a piece of artwork at the conservation studio, the conservator’s duties begin. They inspect it closely using a microscope to determine if any treatment is necessary. Additionally, the piece is carefully cleaned to remove any dirt or grime, and stabilized by removing anything that could harm it. Any broken parts are then repaired to ensure their structural integrity. Finally, the conservator strives to restore the piece to its original appearance as closely as possible. Once the restoration is complete, the conservator takes care to preserve it properly within the museum.,

4. Mastering the Art: Participating in an Art Workshop or Class

If you’ve been feeling the call of your inner artist, beckoning you to unleash your true creative potential onto the canvas, the clay, or the lens, you may be wondering which path will lead you to enlightenment. Let me share with you the most piquant option: joining an art class or workshop!

It’s an exquisite way to acquire new skills and magisterial techniques and fine-tune your artistic abilities. And let’s not forget the splendid opportunity to mingle with fellow artisans, exchange tips, and mingle with the most experienced professionals in the field. This experience is simply delightful!

A workshop or class is an exceptional route to take if you want to explore your artistic side and delve deeper into your passion.

Thus, why not write an exciting new chapter in your life’s story and sign up to become a member today?

Take art classes in your free time

Art classes can be an excellent way to unleash your creative side, and now there are free resources available online to help you do just that.

No matter whether you’re a seasoned artist or just getting started, these classes can be a valuable resource to help you explore a variety of art forms and hone your skills.

In addition, art can not only be a therapeutic outlet from the stresses of daily life, but participating in classes can also foster close connections and support systems with peers. By sharing ideas and techniques, you can improve your craft and deepen your appreciation for art in general.

So why not take advantage of these free resources and start your artistic journey today? Whether you’ve always been interested in painting or want to try your hand at something new, there’s no better way to cultivate your creativity than by taking an art class in your free time. With plenty of options available, you’re sure to find a course that’s right for you. Don’t wait any longer; start exploring the world of art today!

Be open to new experiences

Additionally, the Columbus Museum of Art is an excellent place not only to explore art and the art world but also to work! Our team is made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds who are all committed to achieving the museum’s goals and mission.

The education department provides an ideal opportunity to gain knowledge about art and learn how to share it with others.

As an educator or instructional assistant, you will have ample chances to enhance your skills and gain valuable experience at the museum.

5. Dining and Shopping: Options for Food and Souvenirs at the Museum

Visiting a museum is a great way to spend the day – learning about art, history, and culture, and having fun no matter your age.

But what if you want to do some shopping or grab a bite while you’re there?

Not every museum has a cafeteria or a gift shop, but if you’re lucky enough to be visiting one that does, you’re in for a treat! In this article, we’ll take a look at the options for dining and shopping at the museum.

Restaurants within walking distance

Family eating after having fun at the art gallery.

If you’re looking for a great meal after a day of museum-hopping, you can’t go wrong with the restaurants in Short North and Italian Village.

Plus, the evening doesn’t have to end there. In the Brewery District, you can find an array of bars and pubs offering delectable drinks from local breweries and distilleries.

Also, there is a thriving music culture in the Arena District and Short North, with live concerts taking place every single night in each of these neighborhoods.

Therefore, if you’re looking to extend a day of museum-hopping in Columbus with a great evening, the restaurants, pubs, and performance venues are sure to give you the perfect night out.

“Fueling Up for Art Exploration: The Delicious Cafe and Dining Options at Columbus Art Museum”

Heading to the Columbus Museum of Art (CMA)? Make sure you leave room for lunch – the museum’s Cafe is a great spot to grab a bite, and the gift shop has a ton of art and souvenir items. Perfect for picking up a one-of-a-kind memento!

“Supporting Local Artisans and Vendors: How the Columbus Art Museum Nurtures Columbus Businesses”

If you’re visiting Columbus, Ohio, don’t miss out on the Columbus Museum of Art! Additionally, why not make the most out of your trip and support local businesses and artisans while you’re there?

You can find jewelry, clothing, paintings, and other handmade items from local vendors, plus delicious coffee and pastries, and locally grown produce too.

Plus it’s all nearby the museum, so you can easily get to it while you’re out and about. Shopping locally is a great way to spend your money, so don’t miss this chance!

“Discovering the Columbus Art Museum: A Conclusion on Its Immersive Experience and Dedication to the Arts Community”

Looking for a whimsical outing with your kin or seeking to expand your artistic and cultural horizons? Indulge in a visit to the Columbus Art Museum – an expedition you will hold dear in your memory bank!

Unleash your inner explorer with interactive exhibits, immerse yourself in the depth of the museum’s collection, join engaging art classes and workshops, and learn about important conservation and restoration efforts.

Equally as essential, when you feel the need to refuel, don’t miss out on the delectable meal provided at the café or the opportunity to pick up some wonderful gifts at the museum store. Gather up your loved ones and get ready to experience the onslaught of sensations that are awaiting you.

Here is a link below to visit the art museum website to view and book a day with family.

A unique art museum

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