Are you considering moving to Gahanna, Ohio from Columbus? With a high quality of life, activities, and retail and dining options to choose from, Gahanna is sure to provide something for all residents. In this article, you will gain an understanding of the advantages and costs associated with living in Gahanna. Additionally, useful advice and tips will assist you in your transition to this city. Make your relocation a success by utilizing this article to help you prepare. Start now – a smooth transition is within reach!

1. Gahanna Ohio is a suburb of Columbus Ohio

Gahanna, Ohio is a vibrant suburb of Columbus, Ohio noted for its safe and suburban lifestyle. Just 8 miles east of downtown, Gahanna is the 10th largest city in Ohio and home to over 34,000 residents. Residents have a variety of amenities at their disposal, from shopping centers to parks, schools, and a number of exciting attractions like Creekside Plaza and Gahanna Woods State Nature Preserve. Every year, Gahanna is the destination of thousands of visitors attending its renowned Gahanna Arts Festival. With its convenient access to Columbus and all the incidentals of suburban living, Gahanna makes for an ideal setting for families and individuals alike who desire an enriching and comfortable lifestyle.

It is a place that has a lot of parks

With some of the local parks, you may enjoy the finest of what Columbus has to offer while still enjoying the comforts of Gahanna, Ohio. Hartley Park is ideal for tranquil leisure, while Scioto Audubon offers an excellent opportunity to appreciate nature’s splendor. For individuals searching for activities, Gahanna-Jefferson High School is a vibrant community participation center, offering team-building exercises that people of all ages may enjoy. Gahanna, Ohio offers an unrivaled quality of life. Come discover what this wonderful neighborhood has in store for you!

It is a place with a lot of schools

Gahanna, Ohio is a flourishing suburb of Columbus, Ohio, boasting an abundance of excellent educational institutions to choose from for the whole family. Gahanna Elementary School and Gahanna Lincoln High School are two well-known institutions in the area known for providing high-quality education. Additionally, continued education opportunities such as Capital University Ohio School of the Arts Fisher for Business and Ohio State University are top choices for those looking to further their educational experience. Gahanna is an extraordinary city, making it a prime option for starting or raising a family. With so many wonderful educational opportunities, it’s sure to be easy to find a perfect fit for every student.




Gahanna Ohio Economy

Experience the beauty and dynamism of Gahanna, Ohio! An ever-evolving city of over 35,000 people, Gahanna is a thriving hub of industry, full of innovative startups and burgeoning manufacturing concerns. Come and enjoy the vast array of attractions Gahanna has to offer- from unique stores to delicious restaurants, to exciting entertainment venues – you’ll never lack something exciting to do! Moreover, Gahanna’s warm and inviting culture makes it the perfect destination both to live in and to visit. Enjoy a vibrant economy, endless opportunities, and all the amenities Gahanna has to offer! Discover why Gahanna is becoming Ohio’s premier destination today.

The economy of Gahanna is reliant on the manufacturing industry which has several plants located in the area Gahanna has a strong economic foundation thanks to its history as a manufacturing hub with several plants in the area. The city’s largest employer, ABX Air, is a subsidiary of the German airline Lufthansa Cargo and operates an air cargo hub at Rickenbacker International Airport. This provides a great boost to the local economy. Furthermore, several businesses have come to the city in recent years, including the corporate headquarters of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series and the digital marketing firm iModerate. This has helped to make Gahanna a great place to live, work, and play.

Gahanna Ohio Crime

Gahanna, Ohio is a lively city located in Franklin County and part of the Columbus metropolitan area. With a population of approximately 35,000 residents, Gahanna is known for its strong sense of community and low crime rate. Residents should be proactive in maintaining the city’s safety by staying informed on recent crime trends. Valuable information can be found on the Gahanna Police Department’s website and social media pages, as well as with local media outlets. Together, we can ensure that Gahanna remains safe and secure.

The Gahanna police website is


Gahanna has a crime rate that’s low compared to other similar cities.

Gahanna is a city with a low rate of crime which makes it one of the safest places to live in proportion to its size. This makes it an ideal place for families or individuals looking for a safe, secure environment to reside in. Police teams continuously work to keep Gahanna’s streets safe with the help of community members and collaborative crime reduction programs. Residents can be confident that they have chosen a safe and secure city to call home.

Gahanna Crime Rate: 95% of Residents Report Feeling safe.

A recent poll on the Gahanna crime site asked respondents to rate their feelings of safety in the area. 52% responded that they feel “Pretty safe,” noting that there is some crime but it does not have an impact on their lives. 29% reported feeling “Very safe,” indicating there is little to no crime in the area. 14% noted feeling “Somewhat safe,” as there is noticeable crime and times when they don’t feel safe. Lastly, 5% replied that they do not feel safe in the area due to the high crime rate.

Gahanna is a small city but has a lower-than-average crime rate.

Gahanna, home to over 35,000 inhabitants, is an evolving city driven to create a safe and welcoming environment for its citizens. Striving for improvement, the past year saw a decrease in reported murders and robberies. To reinforce its commitment to public safety, the city is actively working towards reducing such statistics even further.


Gahanna, Ohio is an ideal destination for those who seek the tranquility and intimacy of a small town with the convenience of a larger metropolis. Located near Columbus, commuting is a breeze and residents benefit from some of the larger city’s attractions. Gahanna’s downtown area offers an exciting atmosphere, surrounded by numerous parks and trails for those seeking tranquility and beautiful nature. The schools are highly rated and the economy is thriving, with many restaurants, shopping, and job prospects. In summation, Gahanna is an exceptional place to reside and create lifelong memories.