Essential parts of moving include moving tools. Tools relieve major stress. For instance, taking down the bunk beds. As well as pulling the huge table apart that won’t fit through the door. Instead of trying to take a part furniture with the wrong screwdriver, scissors, or a pointy knife, we have gathered a list of tools that will make your move easier.

Before we dive into the hardware moving tools, we want to remind you to protect your furniture and vehicles. According to The Spruce, If you have had pieces of furniture and items that you care about, wrap everything that’s precious with a moving blanket or pad. Blankets can be used to protect a couch from spills and dust and protect antiques or other fragile items. You’ll find that moving blankets as pretty much indispensable when it comes to moving yourself.

In addition to protecting your vehicle and equipment, we want you to stay organized.

Being organized will help you while moving and once you are in your own home. Make sure you have your scissors, markers, and labels ready. If you do not have labels you can also use colorful tape to write on.

Now let’s move to the hardware. Electric drills will come in handy. They provide fast support since they typically have different sized drill bits for, this will help prevent stripping of any screws. Stud finders may come in handy as well. This is best if you plan on hanging anything on the walls once you arrive to your new home.

In addition, you may want to have an extra box of assorted screws, we know screws can easily get lost or fall in hard-to-reach places. You may also want to have Anchors, Furniture sliders, Allen wrench, hammer, step ladder, tape measure, box cutters, and the obvious dolly with straps.

We hope this article has helped you with your next move. Even when calling professionals.

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